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Omega Homes is a family-owned business, dedicated to building the house of your dreams. We build homes of all sizes and styles, and are flexible to your preference.

Omega Commercial aims to design buildings tailored to your commercial needs. We can help you create anything! Whether it is a place of worship, community centers, banquet halls, event centers, strip malls, office buildings or apartments.

Home Decor

Omega Realty is here to help with your real estate needs. Whether you want to sell an existing home, move into a new one or buy investment property, we will guide you through every step of the process.



Omega Homes is a local family owned business that offers new custom home construction, commercial construction and real estate services. We strive to provide attention to detail on each home/building/project we build and have consciously decided not to be a bulk builder. We only build custom homes and commercial buildings to suite. We want to help you build your dream home or investment property, and will work with you to tailor and customize it to your specific needs. We are the designers for almost all the projects and create our own plans and specs based on your requirements. We have a great passion for designing and construction. We hope to give everyone the luxury of their dream home, whatever it may be. We understand and can work with you to build homes to cater to Vastu, Feng Shui or other needs. 

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Meet The Team

Raj K - President 
Monica Sabharwal - Realtor
Aarushi Gupta - CMO


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